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A Tried and True Arrangement Between the Investor and the US Government

The 1031 exchange is a technique used by investors in real estate in order to indefinitely defer tax liability on the sale of a property. This is done by transferring the rights to a piece of property that one would like to sell to a qualified intermediary, who holds the proceeds from its sale and uses the money to acquire a replacement that complies with the regulations set out in Section 1031 of US tax code. While the present popularity of the 1031 exchange might give one the impression that it is a recent development, this is untrue. In reality, the 1031's history extends as far back as 1921, though the original concept was quite a bit different than what we presently think of as an exchange. Section 1031 really came into its own in the seventies, which saw many significant modifications in the way that these exchanges were conducted.

These modifications paved the way to a more powerful conception of the exchange process and created increased interest from property investors. The capital gains deferral Section 1031 provides to the taxpayer might, at first, appear to be a gift given by the US government, however it is, in reality, closer to an interest-free loan, because there is an expectation that the investor will repay the extra money acquired by way of the deferral by paying capital gains taxes upon the eventual sale of a replacement property. Additionally, this "interest free loan" may be kept by the investor indefinitely; an investor may choose to conduct any number of 1031 exchanges before finally making the decision to make an outright sale, on which capital gains taxes must be paid.

Section 1031 of US tax code exists as a mutually advantageous arrangement between investors and the United States government, profitable for the country's economy as a whole in addition to the individual taxpayer. In viewing the transfer of value in an exchange as representing an extension of an existing investment instead of as a separate transaction liable for taxation, taxpayers are given the opportunity to transfer their money into the most profitable possible investments. This, in turn, boosts the U.S. economy by bolstering the growth of new jobs.

As with anything, Section 1031 has detractors. one criticism that has been leveled against Section 1031 is that the untaxed profit provided to the taxpayer in a 1031 represents an unfair advantage. Another frequent issue of concern is that the strict time limits imposed on some aspects of the exchange procedure may promote an atmosphere of frantic buying, resulting in an increase in the prices of replacement properties.

These criticisms, however, are only tenuously based in reality, and the odds that the 1031 exchange will go through any significant change in the coming years are slim. In general, most will agree that the 1031 exchange is greatly beneficial to all involved, as it allows taxpayers greater profits on the sale of their property while also encouraging job growth and therefore the greater good of the country. There is no reason to doubt that the 1031 exchange is destined to be a mainstay of the investment business for decades to come.

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