How to Invest






How To Invest

The Stock Basic

What is stock?
Find out what stock is and why the companies issue it...
  What is a dividend?
You've heard that dividends are good... you need to know what they are first.  Learn here.
What is a ticker symbol?
The I.D. tag for stocks, learn what ticker symbols are and how they can help you research your investments.
  What is a blue chip?
Everyone loves blue chips...
What is the Dow Jones?
No matter who you are, you've heard of the Dow Jones.  It's perhaps the most followed index in the world.  Just what is it?  Find out now...
  What are penny stocks?
They are cheap... but they are high risk.  Read about the appeal and risk of these low-priced stocks.
What makes stocks go up and down?
If you're curious about what makes a stock go higher or lower, read a simple explanation here.
  What is a stock split?
When a stock splits, it seems like everyone gets excited.  Discover what stock splits are and their effect on a company!
Look-Through Earnings - The Value of Retained Earnings and Cash Dividends
Billionaire investor and Berkshire Hathaway Chairman and CEO Warren Buffett urged investors to calculate what he called the look through earnings of their portfolio. This article explains how to calculate look through earnings and reveals why they are important to your investing success.

4 Things to Look for in an Investment
Do you know there are four value investing traits that are common to great investments? Read about each of these four characteristics in this article.

Benefits of Stock Buy Back Programs
One of the keys to value investing is to look for companies that repurchase their shares. This value investing article discusses the benefits of stock buy back (aka repurchase) programs.

Bottom Line - Profit and Value Investing
Value investing is solely concerned with getting the most profit at the lowest cost. The basis of value is profit. This article discusses and explains the various profit figures reported on a company's income statement.

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