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Career in Mortgage Lending

There are different career opportunities in the field of mortgage lending. Based on your qualification and experience, a career in mortgage lending could be that of a loan officer, as an underwriter, as a mortgage loan coordinator, as a mortgage broker, as a processor, a junior processor, etc. Let's look at each position in details: Loan Officer: As a loan officer, your main duty is helping borrowers apply for a loan. You have to be people's person and good with products and details ? solution oriented and should be in a position to respond your customer's queries.

Mortgage loan officers often have to work away from their offices may be work out of their home or car. They visit offices or homes of customers while filling out applications. You as a loan officer are essentially the first point of contact between the mortgage lender and the borrower.

Mortgage Broker: A mortgage broker essentially performs the same duties as a loan officer. However a mortgage broker may also have a number of loan officers working under him or her. It is essential for both the loan officer and a mortgage broker to bring at least one new business everyday and be successful in selling himself and his company to the customer that walks in the door. Loan Processor: A loan processor or an assistant loan processor generally puts together all the necessary documents for the loan before the application is submitted to the underwriter for their review and approval. To be a successful loan processor, one must have an eye for details and should be able to ensure that all details are in place before it is handed over to an underwriter.

Loan Underwriter: Armed with a bachelor's degree in accounting and if you enjoy being with people, you can start thinking of being an underwriter. The underwriter reviews all of the documentation in the loan file to make sure it meets the lenders guidelines. An underwriter follows some simple rules before approving a loan ? the borrower's ability to pay a loan, the credit history of the borrower, their assets and the validity of the appraisal document. Salary Structure: * The salary for a loan officers vary from $37, 590 to $ 107, 040.

However the most common range is between $40,000 and $75,000. * "According to the average annual salary for a Chief Mortgage Executive varies between $172,250 and $380,848." We all understand that a career in mortgage depends solely on the demands in future. With automation and more and more processes being taken care of by software, the requirement may eventually go down. Although the financial markets are very volatile at present, a home is something that people will always need and a mortgage is something that a buyer has to take in order to buy that property ? so yes, in short, a career in mortgage lending will never be obsolete.

Understand your requirements and career goals and you can further your career prospects in mortgage lending by taking supporting college education.

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