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Daniel Island

If you want it all when it comes to your neighborhood, Daniel Island delivers. Undeveloped until the 1990's, Daniel Island is a master planned community that has already won several awards for its meticulous planning and development. When you are in Daniel Island you can't help but sit and marvel at the natural beauty surrounding you. Whether you are a young family or retirees, this town is a tremendous place to settle down. A town with a great variety of shops, schools, churches, restaurants, and activities to please anyone.

Some call Daniel Island a natural extension of Charleston. Others know it to be a resort from reality with its many rivers, creeks and beautiful marshes. Back before the early 1990's, Daniel Island was used for farming, ranching and hunting. The Guggenheim Foundation sponsored the development of the island when the I-526 expressway was built as a connection to Charleston.

In 1997, Daniel Island Company purchased it and now has created a serene picture of homes, town homes, and condominiums on what used to be uninhibited land just a few years back. Daniel Island boasts its own private country club with state of the art courses for golf's most dedicated participants. The island is also home to the Family Circle Cup Tennis Center and Blackbaud Soccer Stadium. These are just a few examples of what Daniel Island has to offer in the way of local amenities. The numerous trails and parks found on the island's shores are enough to entertain all by themselves. If you are looking for picturesque, look no further.

This 4,000 acre island lying peacefully between the Cooper and Wando Rivers has it all. The friendly charm of the South is at its best in Daniel Island. Its one of the last few places you feel safe letting your kids play outside. As the recipient of the "Award of Excellence", Daniel Island definitely deserves it.

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