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Finding the Perfect Home in the Perfect Community

Thinking about buying a home in the Tempe area? Tempe, often called "The Valley", offers some of the most diverse real estate in any area. What kind of home are you thinking about? Do you picture yourself in a neighborhood with tree-lined streets, or would you rather be in a community that requires little maintenance? Either way, you'll find it in Tempe. Looking at the multiple listing services for Tempe, you'll see that most homes fall into one of a few categories: Master Planned Communities Master planned communities are especially popular throughout Tempe. They are often clustered around a geographic feature, such as in the foothills, on a mountain side, or near the desert. They are situated to take advantage of the natural views.

Several different builders usually develop homes in each neighborhood. The big advantage to the planned community is that it offers all the amenities within a compact area, schools, parks, community centers, and recreational opportunities such as golf courses and horse riding stables. Each one uses a similar architectural theme, with a variety of different floor plans. If you are looking for a brand new home, these communities are a great choice. You can select your preferred floor plan and make the upgrades you'd like.

These areas include a variety of price ranges, especially more affordable homes, and they have a great history of appreciating prices long term. Resale Homes Tempe is a great area for new homes, but you'll also find wonderful older houses. These properties are very distinctive, many in Mediterranean styling, with mature landscaping and large lots. Resale homes are especially appealing for those wanting a well-established neighborhood, with its own unique culture. Condominium Communities Condominiums are a popular housing alternative in Tempe, but they don't merely refer to small apartment-like properties.

Tempe offers luxury condominiums several thousand square feet in size and resembling world-class hotels. Of course there are also smaller units perfect for first-time buyers. Active-Adult Communities Tempe is a popular destination for tourists, young professionals relocating for a job, and of course, retirees. An exciting part of the real estate market is the active-adult community. These communities offer a variety of amenities to home buyers, including golf courses and clubs, fitness centers, tennis courts and swimming pools. Homes in these communities are often patio homes, town homes, or stand-alone properties.

As the baby boom generation ages, these communities are becoming increasingly popular. Whatever your age or style, you'll find a great variety of homes to meet your needs in Tempe.

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