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Guaranteed Signups Myth or Miracle

Imagine if everyone in your organization could sponsor 10-20 new prospects per month. What would be the impact in your business. Imagine if you could talked only to people who wanted to hear about your program. You can transfer your sales pitch to a tell pitch by changing the way you market your business. What is the first rule of MLM? The first rule is to find a system that provides you Unlimited leads. This is always true.

Without leads, your MLM business is gone. You will need a solid marketing system to generate leads for your MLM efforts. A good marketing system include: 1) Able to collect leads 2) Validate and contact leads 3) Proper follow-up system If you can develop such system commit to finding the right marketing system, you can achieve all of the above. This system can be applied to both offline and online MLM marketing The bare essentials of the system is lead generation in high gear.

Once you find a system or program that can guarantee leads or signups, your job is almost finished. Getting Guaranteed signups will work for anyone in any legitimate MLM company. You can purchase as many guaranteed signups as you can handle. But beware you have to take the system to the next level and hone your communication skills so that you are not perceived as running your prospects down. The truth is your company is a product and you are offering something that your prospect really needs. When you have a great product with an effective marketing system, you hold the keys to the kingdom.

So your approach is not one of desperation on your part but selective choice. You don't have to convince anyone to join your premiere program because the no leads you to the next yes. When you communicate with your prospect it is a relation that you are building you are speaking with a guaranteed signup who has already said yes to your program . You are no longer put in the position of trying to convince the prospect to join your program you are just sharing your valuable insights and experience.

Remember, with the guaranteed programs, you are working with more than a pre-qualified lead. You and the prospect are already in agreement as to the choice they need to make. The next step is to explain your highly effective lead system that will generate cash flow almost immediately.

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