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Reducing time wastage is not just for busy people. I feel that is it an important thing that everyone learn to reduce time wastage. I believe that if spare time is probably invested, it can make a whole lot of difference in the quality of my life.

For example, if I had invested my spare time to learn and create wealth consistently, then I would be able to accumulate more wealth in the long run than if I had done nothing. This extra wealth would definitely help to improve my quality of my life. As I have gathered from Rich Dad's series by Robert Kiyosaki, time is one of the two available components that I can invest to create wealth.

The other being money. Another example is that if I had invested my spare time to learn how to drive, then I would be able to benefit from the convenience of having a car. I could go anywhere at anytime because now I had a car and I knew how to drive. Thus, my quality of life would improve.

If I want to improve my quality of life, how will I go about reducing time wastage? Firstly, I need to know currently what are the activities that I am spending my time on. If I do not know how I spend my time, then there is nothing much I can do to reduce my time wastage. Just like in financial planning, I have to keep track of all my expenses to know where my money goes. From the list of expenses, I will then identify which one of them is unnecessary and think of a way to do away with. For example, I had subscribed to a weekly magazine.

But I never seemed to have time to read it at all. Every month, I would be paying for the subscription without getting any benefits out of it. The money was wasted on the subscription.

To fix this issue, I would cancel my subscription since I knew I would never have time to read it even though I wanted to. Similarly, I can monitor what I have done every day. I will end up with the list of activities that I am spending my time on.

From this list, I will then identify which one of them is unnecessary and do away with it. For any time that I am not doing anything, I will classify it as an activity for lazing around. For time that I am relaxing, I will classify it as an activity for relaxing. Which of my activities are considered to be time wastage? Is relaxing and lazing around considered to be time wastage? That really depends on individual perception of the value of time. This brings me to the second point on reducing time wastage.

The key to reduce time wastage is by increasing the perceived value of time. If my perceived value of time is high, then I will be motivated to reduce time wastage. For example, if I had only six months of lifespan left, then every single moment counts. To laze around and do nothing will be considered to be time wastage! If I had one thousand years of lifespan left, then time is not as valuable. To laze around and do nothing will not be considered to be time wastage. Just like in a case of money, I will find means and ways to reduce money wastage because I perceived it as very scare and valuable.

This is because I need more money to be invested in assets that generate passive income. Passive income will enable me to become rich. But if I am already filthy rich and earning lot of passive income, then I may not be so concern with money wastage. How to increase the perceived value of time? One way is to monetize time. I will divide my monthly income by the number of working hours per month to figure out how much I earn in an hour. Let say I earn $10 per hour, then each hour that I am not doing anything useful, I am wasting away $10.

The other way is to remind myself constantly that life is fragile. Each day that has passed, I am nearer to my death. Thus, I will feel the urgency to make full use of time. For people who had survived life-threatening situation, you will understand why I feel that time is precious.

By reducing time wastage, I can afford to have more time to invest for creating wealth. Since I have more time to invest, my path to become rich will be accelerated. And I will be able to realize my dreams in a shorter time. * DISCLAIMER * The author only provides the material and information as a layperson's views about an important subject. The materials and information are from sources believed to be reliable and from his own personal experience, but he neither implies nor intends any guarantee of accuracy.

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