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Selling on eBay

Many people make a very comfortable living by selling on eBay. They do NOT make that comfortable living by selling inferior merchandise or by hook or by crook. They do it by selling quality merchandise at reasonable prices and by taking the time and putting forth the effort to develop good business relationships with their customers. http://christophershawnlee.

com/index.htm Depending upon the level of income and the level of time and energy investment that you are willing to make, you can pretty much decide how much money you will make by selling on eBay. You can sell an item occasionally or specialty items around holidays and make a nice little sum of extra money or you can become a full time seller on eBay and make all of the income you need by doing nothing but selling on eBay but you wont have a part time job. If you are considering selling on eBay as a the main source of income for yourself and your family, you need to think of it in the same way you would think of opening a shop on Main Street in your home town.

You may think of the Internet as a big impersonal, anonymous place. It isnt that at all. You will be building a reputation that will follow you and that reputation will have a great deal to do with how successful you are.

htm The reputation that you build will be just like that of a real brick and mortar business. People talk.people exchange information and eBay makes it very easy. A few negative feedbacks and you will find yourself out of business on eBay. Build a good reputation by selling quality merchandise at a reasonable price. Your word should be good.

The product that you sell should be the product that you advertise. Thank you,


I used to be an office and motel cleaner earning minimum wage on a contract by contract basis, working very hard to make ends meet. I have no pedigree, I am a high school dropout from a broken family. I was forced to stay at home after my baby was born, this was like a visit from an angel... I had to find a way of earn a living without leaving home. This was a life turning event... Today I enjoy an extraordinary life, earning in excess of $80,000 a month which allows me to endulge on those things I never thought It was possible before - including having my dream home. I was fortunate enough to find the right business to earn a substantial monthly income from the comfort of my own home.

Building Wealth

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