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The Bad Credit Blues

So you have the bad credit blues and don't know what to do about them. Basically you have two choices. Choice number one would be to hire a credit repair agency and have them fix your credit.

Choice number two would be to do it yourself. Either way if your looking to finance anything in the near future you should check into credit repair. The first step in any type of credit repair is getting a copy of your credit report. Once a year you can request a free copy of your credit report from the three credit reporting agencies.

When you have the credit report you need to look carefully at it and check each notation. When repairing your credit you will be looking for any entries into your credit report that are not true. The next step is knowing what can and cannot be repaired. Anything that is not true on your credit report can be disputed and possibly taken off your credit report. There are some things on your credit report that cannot be repaired, for these things it just takes time.

If you have had a bankruptcy then expect it to be on your credit for up to ten years. Unpaid bills can be on your credit for up to seven years or until the statue of limitations runs out. There is no limit on how long a criminal conviction, an application for a job that pays more than 75,000 a year or an application for more than 150,000 worth of credit can stay on your credit history. Next you must decide to either use a credit repair agency or to do it yourself. If there are a lot of things on your credit report that are not true then you might want to consider saving yourself the hassle and hiring a credit repair agency.

A typical customer will pay about $500 for a credit repair agency. This might be worth it if you have a lot of items you need to dispute. The typical cost for a credit repair agency is not that expensive when you consider the benefits.

A typical customer usually pays around $500 for credit repair. The credit repair usually claim they can add 100 points to your credit score, often some can add up to 150 points. This can make it much easier to get financed and save you a ton of money by lowering your interest rates.

Whether you decide to use a credit repair agency or do it yourself , credit repair can be a smart move. If your looking to get a loan of any type the lower your credit score the higher your interest rates. By doing credit repair you can lower your interest rates and save a lot of money in the end.

Guy Ray is a published web author on various subjects as well as a certified copywriter and webmaster. To learn more about repairing your credit visit his site atcredit repair tips and inflormation

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