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The Top Reasons to Get Involved in MLM

The top 4 reasons people get into MLM are: Making money Saving money on products Meeting new people Growth and development Making Money Many of the people who join MLM organizations do so for the incredible money making opportunity it offers. Those who do get into MLM for the money typically fall into one of the following three types: Looking to make fast money Building a long term business with money coming in long after you have retired Investing in the product itself Looking for Fast Money For people looking for fast money, there are pros and cons to this kind of thinking. Some people are well trained sales professionals. They have built the relationship with their clients, customers and all sorts of people.

People trust what they say and will trust whatever they are selling. They may sell the product itself (sometimes, in large quantities), or they may sell the opportunity (the money making part of it) or both. Are YOU this kind of person? Fast money is not impossible, but it is dependant on a number of variables like your mindset (is it programmed for success?), sales skills, personal network and level of commitment. The next type of person is the long term business builder type. Long term does not have to mean that you might not see money right away. It differs from company to company.

But as a general rule of thumb, it involves building a network or an organization. The key to building a large organization as quoted by Zig Ziglar, "You will get whatever you want in life if you will just help enough other people get what they want." In other words, if you will help enough downlines get enough downlines, you are on the road to network marketing financial freedom.

The key is to help others. Another reason you may invest in a network marketing business is to make money through investing in the product, position, or depending on the company, appreciation of assets. A few examples would be investing in a product, so that in the future, its value will appreciate, so you can sell it to other people at a very high margin. Others might purchase the account or distributorship from you, depending on the compensation plan of the company while some internet companies actually pay you to invest in their company, sort of like buying a share of the company. Save Money on Products Some people join MLM organizations for the opportunity to save money on the products as it is one of the most wonderful key features of joining an MLM company. Retailing of a product is very important to an MLM business.

In certain compensation plans, repeat purchase of the products you buy from the company gives you more rebates or bonuses. In essence, the more you buy, the cheaper it becomes. This becomes an even greater pleasure if you are totally in love with the products or you have already set aside a budget for those products which means you are now buying from the MLM company or your upline instead of buying from the supermarket, pharmacy or grocery store. There are some important organizational aspects to make sure you are clear on before you join. Does the company require you to purchase the products in bulk? Is there a demotion in your achieved position in the company, is there maintenance required? What are the renewal fees for membership? Meeting New People Many people join an MLM organization to tap into the incredible opportunity for meeting new people. There are all types of people in the world.

Some like the positive environment. Others like the social events the company or team organizes. Some look for a potential life partner there! Lots of people even go all out to join these kind of businesses to get more contacts for their own businesses (maybe even their own MLM businesses). Bear in mind one thing. There is this old saying that goes, you scratch my back, I scratch yours. If you participate in their activities but don't go full force in their company and team vision, don't expect them to join you or buy from you.

There may even be negative repercussions (such as being banned from coming back to the company). Growth and Development Finally, others join an MLM company and do the business to open their minds to positive thinking and achieve their full potential. There are many MLM companies that have world class training courses and team events that will not only fire you up but take your business and finances to the next level as well.

What ever your reason for joining a network marketing organization, you are in for a life and business expanding journey.

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