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Turning Creative Ideas into Residual Income Programs

Steady paying programs do not have to be pre constructed like an already made cake from the food market. You have the innate ability to combust new ideas, in your mind, then build them into useful business packages. All good plans that involve turning creative ideas into residual income programs started as high powered thought in the brain of someone. The logical question I post to you right here is, are you ready for your own personal power business or life idea? It is not as hard as you might imagine to come up with it.

It does take a bit of focused learning, but just a bit, to come up with. It takes a shockingly small amount of time. I will attempt to prepare you to do it in this article.

Starting a flow of honest money to yourself from a unique idea is nothing new. Every flowing money idea starts this way. What you need to generate, at first, is your basic idea. Next you can take one of two roads. You can develop products to sell in affiliate programs or just by yourself.

You need to make or write a sample of the products to be sold first. They should be products that appeal to a big or big enough target niche market and be something customers will buy. These products should appeal to a content, or product hungry, niche market of people you can write about and to. It or they should solve a problem.

If it can solve a festering sore problem that many folks are having trouble with you may have a valuable emerald in the rough. Do you understand, a little more now, what we are doing here? Look for the irritating, unhealthy, and time wasting problem first and foremost. After this, you make the solution.

This is your real time niche market. If you cannot manufacture or make or write the product yourself you are not dead in the water. You just need to take some action. If it is a material product you can search for a manufacturer or agent to help you get it made. If it is a writing or software product that requires computer programmers or content writers you can find the talent to do this fairly easily.

Once you know you can make quality units of your product you will need to find a drop shipper to handle order details and ship them for you. Many home based business entrepreneurs like to do this themselves lately. If you do not you can have someone else do it for now.

If you can find a manufacturer and shipper though, this will free you up more to manage your business and sell or run your affiliate program. Many entrepreneurs like to do one or the other and farm the other work out to reliable working partners. Once your product is ready to go you can start the development of your affiliate program.

Terms, commissions and rules will need to be determined next. A web site needs to be built. A system needs to be developed to monitor web site order form sales.

Software has to be developed or bought to give affiliates extremely accurate sales and commission credits. If you want more than one level of sales in your group, down line sales software will need to be developed for this also. Easily understandable spread sheets and information will have to be developed so affiliates can figure and explain earnings for and to their down lines. Once this is completed you are ready to start marketing your business. If you are not interested in building an affiliate program you can have a custom one built for you.

Many talented pros farm this work out to other pros. This is routinely done. General article content writers can research and write e-books or other needed materials for you on almost any subject. They will interview you for lots of details. This is an exciting process you will enjoy. E-books are good examples of products to market because they can be farmed out to others, to sell from their web site or even sell on online auctions.

This is a modified version of having and building an affiliate program. Some inter net marketers will feel more comfortable with this method. Now what you need to do is come up with your creative idea to turn into your profitable residual income building stream program or system.

It is simple and very, very powerful. You can accomplish almost anything with this method. Get a good rest or sleep the night before.

Wait until no one is in your house or apartment. Turn all noise and distractions off. Put a chair in the middle of any completely quiet room.

Be clean. Take care of your bathroom needs. Set a timer for one hour even. No distractions, whatsoever, are allowed for this hour. Now, sit in the chair and turn the lights off and literally ask your subconscious this question? What can I use for my business product? You do not need to take any notes until the hour is over. Ideas will come to you.

You do not have to force the issue. Ideas will come. You are not done until the hour is over and the alarm goes off. Then you are ready to take notes of what came into your mind over the last hour. That is it! If you have ever taken a thousand or five thousand dollar marketing seminar you will likely have been taught this personal brain storming method. It can be used to solve any problem in the world.

Try it and you will see. If you have read some of my other articles, you will already know that a believer in this remarkable process charges and makes $25,000 a pop to sit on any problem for an hour. He get lots of sales of this also. You can save $25,000 and still get your product with it.

Be calm, happy and remember that building a residual capital making system is something you can do. You can build up a nice affiliate program or start smaller with an e-book market that you have a content e-book writer make for you with your guidance. These are not the only possibilities either. All it takes is that initial unique idea and a little work.

Now you know what to do and how to do it. You also know an amazing way to solve any problem on Earth.

James M. Lowe writes original articles about home business opportunities.

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